Monday, 17 December 2012

Scotland: Glasgow Subway

Glasgow Subway Car
Glasgow, Scotland
June 19, 2012

During our short stay in Glasgow, I was glad I managed to get one trip on Glasgow's Subway.  While it was a 'wild ride' (the cars rock back and forth a lot), I think I must've held my camera on an extreme angle when I captured the above shot.

Believe it or not, it is the third oldest underground metro system in the world.  Approaches to some stations are still on an uphill, to assist the cars in braking.   As you can see, the cars themselves are tube shaped.  Mind those short entrances when you board the cars.

We noticed construction activity at several stations, which surprised my native Glaswegian guide.   For a subway system that was opened in 1896, I'm sure any upgrades are a welcome sight.

The subway run consists of two rings, both underground.  One runs clockwise, the other anti clockwise.  Simple! Sure, there are likely problems with timetables....but the subway map is pretty easy to understand.

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