Thursday, 29 November 2012

Scotland: Sausage Dinner @ Mario's Plaice

Mario's Plaice
Glasgow, Scotland
June 19, 2012

If you find yourself in the West End of Glasgow, hankering for a feed of chips or a deep fried slice of pizza...head over to Mario's Plaice.

After several pints and whisky chasers at the Òran Mór Whisky Bar, my Glaswegian guide took me to this joint for a sausage dinner.  This consists of a deep fried, battered sausage and chips (of course!).  

I have little experience with chips for comparison but I found them tasty and they did their job well....soaking up the alcohol.  The shopkeep was nice enough to put a fresh batch down for us and kindly let me lean behind the counter to snap a shot.  I'm glad I asked.