Tuesday, 9 October 2012

St. Norbert's Big Breakfast Review

St. Norbert's Big Breakfast
United Church Hall
Lunenburg, NS
Oct. 6, 2012

Another first for me, this weekend was my first nosh at the infamous St. Norbert's Big Breakfast!  Even the people who sat near me couldn't believe it was my first one.  But I digress.

While this breakfast is hosted by the local Catholic church, in a demonstration of inter faith cooperation, it is held at the nearby United church hall.  Awww, group hug!

Similar fare as the Riverport fireman's breakfast.  You are presented with a choice of eggs (pick a style, they'l probably make 'em), pancakes, beans, sausage, bacon and toast.  I wasn't planning on a large amount of physical activity that day so i got a relatively 'small' plate.  My physician might disagree with that assessment.

Cheerful staff quickly attended to me with a platter of juice glasses.  The small kind that you'd imagine used in psych wards.  I went for the cranberry sugar nectar rather than the usual offerings of apple or orange juice.

I dutifully filled out my order with the supplied pencil and waited for my grub.

The man opposite me queried me on my county origins.  Once I established my Lun. County 'street cred', we traded notes about Simpson's Corner, home to his grandparents.  This was neither his first, nor his last Big Breakfast.  I could have been the only first timer in attendance that morning.

It was a who's who of Lunenburg, several entrepreneurs and 'mompreneurs' were spotted as well as mayoral candidate Ron Stockton and many other familiar faces about town.

The grub was hot and greasy, as advertised.  The beans had a nice touch of sweet to 'em and the bacon was crispy.  I could've handled a little more 'toast' to my toast, but the soft bread made it easy work to sop up my runny yolks.

I managed to get a shot of mission control, though in retrospect I wish I had taken some shots that showed more of the wood panelled wall that surrounded their cooking nook:

All in all, a respectable entry in the community grub category.  A welcome way to spend a Saturday...morning.