Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Lunenburg Bike Barn Cyclocross Race #2 at the MARC

The switchback starts to fill up with early race leaders in the first lap. 
All photos Dec. 1, 2013 @ the M.A.R.C., Dayspring, NS

 Still more room at the top....

Almost full of riders!

I decided to play around with capturing speed blur shots for the rest of the race, here are some of my better results:

Shawn Marshall, race leader for many laps, finished #2.

 Not sure if the smiles were due to the early stage of the race or the fact that the labyrinth/spiral/vortex race feature was gone.

Shane Eno with his eye on the prize.

Jack be nimble....

Glad I lucked out and got two racers in this shot.

Jack be quick....

The aftermath of the race.  Mild temps made for slicker conditions than last week.  I witnessed a couple spills during the race but luckily nothing serious.