Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Smokenator 1000 Beef Brisket

Thanks to my new Smokenator 1000, I am able to get the kettle temperature below 250 F, welcome to flavour country!  If you have a Weber bbq, pick up one of these muthas!

Brisket begins

The finished product.  

I smoked the brisket with oak chunks I dug out of last year's firewood pile.  Don't believe everything 'purists' say, the smoke did not impart a bitter or weird flavour.  I was very pleased with the results, check out that smoke ring!  I'm glad I planned ahead and had the brisket marinating in the rub for 24 hours, great flavour.

When the recipe says 7-8 hour cooking time, they ain't kiddin'.  I smoked it for ~5 hours and had to finish it in the oven.  Lesson learned.