Friday, 23 August 2013

How cold is that ocean?


Current temp @ Hirtle's Beach:

A frigid and at times painful, 10 C.  


What's on this weekend? Planked halibut!! Roast Pork! HAND MOWING CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!

This year, I am determined to make it to Ross Farm to take in the hand mowing championships.  Looks like a lot of fun.  

Check out these posts of previous Conquerall Bank Planked Halibut suppers.  Don't forget to head behind the hall to see the halibut being cooked before open flames.

Have a great weekend everyone, wherever you are!


Saturday, August 24
Newfie Breakfast,
Chester Basin Legion
Menu selections and take-out available.

Saturday, August 24, 
Firemen's Breakfast, 
United Communities Fire Hall, Cherry Hill. 
8- 11 a.m. 
Adults $7, 5- 12 years $3.25, under 5 free.

Community Events

Aug. 24 & 25th
10th Anniversary Maritime Hand Mowing Championships
Ross Farm
New Ross, NS
More info available on Ross Farm's site and this one page from ACORN.  This article from Atlantic Farmer has some great images from previous competitions


Saturday, August 24
Pork Roast Supper,
Midville & district fire hall
4- 6 p.m.
Adults $10; 12 years and under $5; under 5 free. 
Tickets sold at door. 
Blueberry grunt and sweets for dessert.

August 25
Planked Halibut Supper; 
Conquerall Bank fire hall.
4:30-6:30 p.m. 
$15 adults, $6 children and under 5 free. 
Seating area inside while you wait. Wheelchair accessible.