Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Iceland: June 29, 11 pm

Reykjavik, Iceland
June 29, 2012
11 pm local time

This is what 11 pm looked like wayyyy up north in Iceland on June 29th.  Barely a week after the longest day of the year, sunset is a relative term.

Technically, the sun set ~midnight that day and rose at ~ 3 am.  In between those hours, there was enough daylight to read a paper outdoors!

A sleeping mask was a must, I noticed many apartments with tinfoil in the windows.  I'm assuming it was used to block out the daylight.  Perhaps there are some people trying to block HAARP  signals or mind control rays as well?  

I'm so glad we got to experience continuous daylight as a part of our trip.  By the end of our journey, it was starting to fry my brain a little bit.  Our first night back in Nova Scotia came with a welcome sunset and them beautiful stars in the sky.