Friday, 15 February 2013

Spring is in the Air?

Upper Kingsburg, NS
January, 2013

This morning, while waiting in the lobby at the Lunenburg Fisherman's Memorial Hospital, several elderly gents hobbled in and sat down.  One of them commented, "it's a good day to be alive, ain't it?  Spring is in the air."  I couldn't agree more.

But, sadist that I am, I do love my winter and if I'm lucky, a winter that comes with lots of snow.  

Here's a shot from the intrepid Upper Kinsburg Nordic crew out for an XC ski expedition after a fresh coating of snow.  The wind was making its way through our jackets, our fingers and faces were cold.  The dusting of snow on the trees and the gorgeous clouds in the sky that day were our reward for enduring a classic Canadian winter outing.  

The piping warm thermos of choclatey chai tea, slurped down in the shelter of a millionaire's new hilltop house under construction, made for a pleasant break from the cold winds.  

It was a good day.