Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Wrasslin' lives and breathes in Loonieburg!

I am so bummed I missed this, it looks like it was awesomely awful!

7 ft. Grimez vs. Josef Von Schmidt, engaged in a 'casket match'

"Hailing from Blue Rocks, weighing in at $2.25 a pound, MR. CRAAAAAB!" Don't worry folks, the ref checked all the spikes on his costume to make sure it was legal. Phew!

Bee Machine!!!

Thanks to Kevin and Ariel for the pics!

Check Mainstream Wrestling's site for upcoming events in your neck of the woods...next stop:

Dave Doolittle's Sports Bar & Grill, 90 Tacoma Drive, Dartmouth | 8:30 pm
Tickets available now on location

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Amelia "The Instigator" Doran said...

this is wrong on so many levels