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Trinity United Spring Luncheon Review

April 14, 2010
Trinity United Spring Luncheon

It's officially Spring, when you get tiny sarnies and squares delivered to your place of work! One of the advantages of living and working in Lunenburg. ^_^

I love getting these luncheons delivered to me at work, what a treat! Here's a rundown of what was in this year's Spring Luncheon:

Top Row (L-> R):

Chicken Salad: Made from what tasted like a 'real' oven roasted chicken, and of course, prodigious amounts of mayo....perfect.
Turkey Salad: This one was basically a turkey dinner, in sammie format. Complete with cranberries and what tasted like stuffing?
Ham 'n' Cheese: Classic, 'nuff said.\
Pickled Asparagus & Cream Cheese Roll: So cute, how could you dislike it?
Egg Salad: Another classic, yummers!
Carrots & Cream Cheese: A different take on the cherry and cream cheese concoction. A nice splash of colour!
Cherries & Cream Cheese: Perennial favourite, and usually the sandwich most people ask about (no doubt due to its very pink nature).

Second Row (L->R):

Shortbread: Excellent.
Lemon Loaf: Lemon'y and sugar'y, like the good lord intended.
Zucchini bread/loaf: Moist and delicious, complete with walnuts inside!
Buttered Raisin Bread: Probably my least favourite item, kinda dry.
Brownie: If you don't like brownies, you are probably dead inside.
Lemon Square: Even sugar'ier and lemon'ier than the loaf, also excellent.
Coconut cookie: Loooove coconut!
Ginger Snap cookie: My fave since childhood, probably the standout sweet of the lot.

A quick survey of the folks who ordered this it work had the chicken and egg salad sandwiches and asparagus roll as faves, as well as the lemon loaf, oatmeal cookie and of course; the ginger snap.

Lots of good community food events this weekend, stay tuned for my 'What's on this weekend' roundup post on Friday for more details...

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