Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Lunenburg Bike Barn Cyclocross Race - Nov. 24th

(all shots from Dayspring, NS, Nov. 24)
Racers gather at the start line while Al and Tobias sort out last minute details. ^_^

Cyclocross, wut?  File under: it's big in Europe, especially....Belgium?  This was my first cyclocross race and it won't be my last.  Cyclocross races typically have many short laps and what seemed like a short race duration.  They also feature technical course sections, forcing racers to slow down as they navigate tight hairpins/switchbacks and other interesting elements like this pinwheel/labyrinth:

Did I mention dismounting?  You heard right, it wouldn't be a *cross race unless riders were forced to get off and push their bikes up steep sections.  The sawpit in the background is usually a soupy mess of sawdust but on this race day it was looking pretty frozen:

Those that managed to ride up the steep section had a slight speed advantage on the exit, which I hope my 'speed blur' attempts convey:

To add insult to injury, there was a stair/step section and this lone obstacle which forced all riders to dismount and carry their bikes.  I was hoping for an epic bunny hop over this one but as far as I could tell, no takers that afternoon:

Riders will return to the MARC next Sunday, Dec. 2nd for another cyclocross race.  The course makes for great viewing as a spectator and by all accounts the racers liked it too.  Even the pinwheel.

See you at the MARC!

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