Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Newfoundland: Tickle Point

Tickle Point
St. Paul's, NL
June 20, 2013

After a pleasant stroll through coastal wildflower fields, Anglican and Catholic graveyards and sheep pastures we came upon this small collection of fishing shacks that were ripe for photographing.  I'm sure it's a popular spot for photo op's, but finding the access to 'Tickle Point' is not easy.  For some reason, the sign which explains the area is only accessible once you are on the trail, not at the beginning nor at the end.  Puzzling.

We found old rusty bus seats arranged around washing machine fire pits.  Rusted snowmobiles sat beside rotting lobster traps.  I'm glad we got photos before the THICK bank of fog rolled in.  She was some tick.

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