Monday, 22 April 2013

The First Five Years: Book Launch

 Middle Lahave, NS
April 22, 2013

The sky was full of gorgeous clouds and the air was warm this past Sunday as we made our way to Nancy Tracey's book launch at the gorgeous St. Mark's Place.  Anyone who's driven down Route 332 in Lunenburg County will instantly recognize this iconic structure.

Once we made our way inside to the packed space, we were treated to songs by Nancy's husband Gregg Tracey, an accomplished local print maker and luthier.  As you can see, the renovation effort on St. Mark's both inside and out spared no expense.  It is truly an amazing space:

 Middle Lahave, NS
April 22, 2013

Nancy gave a very interesting talk about the topics covered in her book, The First Five Years.  If you are interested in early childhood development, I highly recommend picking up a copy.

After numerous cups of delicious coffee and as many great chats, we made our way to the equally excellent variety supper in First South.  Stay tuned for pics from that event!


Darryl Wright said...

I just tried to buy the eBook version but couldn't because the publisher's web site is a bit of a mess. :( I may email her to see if we can do the transaction manually.

baroing said...

Ah, shoot. I'm sure she would want to know if the eBook purchase flow is borked. Let me know if you need a hand getting in touch with her.