Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Best use of a smart car ever?

Every now and then on my morning commute, I get stuck behind a human speed bump.  A smart car owner who insists on driving a solid 20-30 km/h below the posted speed limit.  

Recently, I got stuck behind said smart car owner on snow covered roads. I noticed every time it drove over some snow, two rooster tails of snow would spit out from its rear tires.  At first I thought the tires were very grippy and this was how tire tread cleans itself.  Then I observed other cars driving by and noticed that none of those cars (nor my own) were producing snowy fountains of snow out the rear end.  I then realized this human speed bump is either: A) not using winter tires, or B) using winter tires but the car is so light it cannot create any traction.

At any rate, I hope the human speed bump isn't surprised when I pass him on a double line.  Sorry buddy, my kite buggy can move faster than you.

I leave you with this ridiculous video of a smart car fitted with the engine from one of the world's fastest production motorcyles.  Awesome.

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