Monday, 10 December 2012

Iceland: Keflavik International Airport Scooter

Keflavik, Iceland
July 1, 2012

It was odd to begin celebrating Canada Day in Iceland...2012 was that kind of summer. Luckily it was also the same day as the Euro 2012 final which gave us something to do as we killed time in Boston, waiting for our return flight to Nova Scotia.

While we queued up for the first leg of our flight home, I noticed this sleek piece of industrial design leaning up against the window. Had a child left it there by accident? No, this is an official scooter for IGS. They run the terminal's 'nordic deli' restaurants and bars as well as aircraft handling for the airport.

Sadly, I missed the opportunity to snap a shot of another IGS scooter that had the front of the scooter modified to carry trays of food . Next time....

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