Wednesday, 29 August 2012

You know you're 'down home' when....

On a recent trip to the Bridgewater Superstore, I read a sign that made me laugh out loud.  I laughed long and hard at that sign.

I wonder what possessed someone to write it?  Did a manager ask Trina to "make up a postah, so people know there's more tuna down back on a table"?   Is "down back" a location at the Superstore that is universally understood?  I wasn't sure where it was.  Beside the meat counter?  Near the frozen dinner section?  At the end of  aisle 6?  Behind the building?  Where is "down back" anyway?

Sadly, I did not have a pen with me so I could correct the sign to read, "...down back on to a table".  

The first time I saw the sign, I did not have my camera in hand.  The next day, I returned to the Superstore to capture the shot.  While I was there, I decided to go for a wander.  

Here, for your enjoyment, I have discovered the location of the elusive DOWN BACK!

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Devin Slauenwhite said...

You are over analyzing this Lucas. Let your inner south shore take over... Everyone knows where "down back" is. ;)