Wednesday, 25 July 2012

We're not in Kansas anymore...

The end of my first day in Glasgow was in a Tesco Express in the Shawlands neighbourhood.  I wonder if anyone noticed (or cared) that I was taking pictures of every aisle in the store?  I'm glad I did and wish I had taken more product shots throughout the duration of the trip.  But, at some point I had to stow the camera, stop documenting everything and use my brain/camera instead.

I love the prodigious use of British flags on these boxes 'o' cake!  I wonder if it was a tie-in with the Royal Jubilee or if that's just the normal packaging?  

I was trying to think of an equivalent American or Canadian product that is swaddled in theat nation's flag?   How about you, faithful readers?  Do you have any examples of flag branding/packaging?

Also wishing I had bought a box of that Cherry Bakewell looks scrumptious!

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