Thursday, 14 June 2012

Welcome to Flavour Country!

It was a wee bit chilly last night, but never too cold for some charcoal grilling!  Kurt Wentzell (of Wooly Mountain Farm fame) has started selling pork 'grilling chops' at the Lunenburg Farmers' Market.  As you may have noticed, they are niiice and thick.  Why anyone would grill anything under 1" thick is beyond me.

Grilling pro-tips (courtesy of America's Test Kitchen):  
~30 minutes before the meat hits the fire, immerse chops in brine consisting of 2 tbsp. salt dissolved in 4 cups water.  
Rinse chops and thoroughly pat dry, apply a little olive oil, season with salt and pepper.  
Grill over direct heat, ~4 minutes per side.  
Remove from direct heat, check internal meat temp.  
When chops have reached ~135 F, they are ready to pull. 
Let meat rest for ~ 5 minutes, internal temp. should rise to ~140F by the time it's ready to eat.  
To keep chops warm, loosely tent with foil while resting.



Anonymous said...

Looking for the suppers down your way for today. You usually have some good ones posted. Thanks

baroing said...

D'oh! Sorry I missed this comment, I started my vacation on the 16th. Hope you found a supper to check out ^_^