Wednesday, 23 May 2012

You can whip their cream....

It's funny how things look different, a couple hours down the shore.  Flowering shrubs are a couple weeks ahead of us and the dairy choices have an unfamiliar option:  Cook's Dairy.

For starters, I LOVE the graphic design of their packaging.  The big and bold numbers, the extra large 'S' in Skim Milk and of course their palette of colours.  

Cook's Dairy is a familiar sight in the southern end of the province, but travel only a few hours up the coast and it is nowhere to be seen.  This is truly a locally owned and operated company.  Its roots date back to the 1940's and judging by how many places I saw it on offer, it is still going strong.

I am regretting that I didn't take more pictures of their products while I was on the French Shore, but that will have to wait for another sojourn later this summer.  I should also sample some of their time.

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