Thursday, 10 May 2012

Blossoms....blossoms everywhere!

Gorgeous azaleas abound everywhere in Lunenburg County these days.  Last weekend, I spotted these shrubs  in full bloom, lining the driveway to the Bayport Cemetery.  You can see shadbush trees blossoms in the background.  

Shadbush are aptly named, since their blooms coincide with the annual shad fish run.  Shadbush (aka serviceberry, wild pear and its latin name; Amelanchier) fit in to that weird category of 'shrubs that can grow to the size of trees'.  

Shadbush are blooming everywhere right now, they are pretty easy to spot.  If you see small white blossoms (5 petals) on shrubs/trees in the woods right now, they are likely shadbush.  A beautiful counterpoint to the electric, lime green of new buds and leaves.  Stay tuned for shots of this new growth, set against the grey/brown of trees that have yet to unfurl their lovely leaves....

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