Thursday, 2 February 2012

On Hirtle's (Hartling) Pond

To auto white balance or not autowb...that is the question. What say you readers?

I like the colour and contrast of the grass in the autowb shot, but I like the colour/contrast of the sky and clouds in the non-autowb shot. I'm thinking the non-autowb image is 'truer' to the conditions at the time...

Any comments, post processing workflow suggestions are appreciated:

Raw => UFRAw (auto exposure adjustment) => GIMP (levels adj., autowb, crop, resize, export to *.jpg)

Raw => UFRAw (auto exposure adjustment) => GIMP (levels adj., crop, resize, export to *.jpg)


John said...

I like the Auto wb one the best here. I usually shoot with Auto WB done in camera which usually gives me a good starting point in post-production. In fact, I rarely re-adjust WB after the camera does its thing.

Auto adjustments in general are great to use to have an instant 2nd look at how your photo could turn out and if they look like crap, just undo and experiment down another path.

ambo said...

I like the Auto WB one best, too. But what both of these photos need is more 4 wheelers and girls in tank tops.