Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A busy evening at the Anglican church hall....

Another shot from a roast beef supper several weeks ago.

The father served as maître d’ for the evening....as you paid and found a place to wait (hopefully in a chair along the wall), he would notice new folks in the queue and take your name and note how many were in your group.

He was in good cheer as he scurried around the hall, organizing who sits where. Every so often, you would hear him ask the waiting diners: "KNICKLE....4?" A party of four would rise to their feet and quickly be ushered to their seats.

We arrived just as the 'first sitting' finished dining, each sitting usually takes about 30 minutes to finish their meal. What looked like a long wait ahead of us, was only about 10 minutes as wave upon wave of folks took their last sip of tea and made their way out of the hall.

More pics to follow, stay tuned!

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kat said...

You forgot to mention the lady that jumped to her feet waving her hands frantically in the air when she heard her name called. It was a true 'Price is Right' moment.