Friday, 19 August 2011

Sun. Aug. 21 - Freakin Planked HALIBUT Supper, you heard me.

Hope you don't have plans for Sunday, because you should plan your day around this event. That is all.

Conquerall Bank Fire Department Planked Halibut Supper

August 21, 2011
4:30pm to 6:30pm
Conquerall Bank Fire Department
2228 Conquerall Road, Conquerall Bank
Phone: 902-527-0078
Adults $15 Children $6 and under 5 free

Come in, sit down, relax and enjoy a good “down home” meal!

Let the members of the fire department serve you a generous portion of Planked Halibut that is slightly salty from being cooked slowly in front of an open fire and basted with our secret butter recipe.

Included with the portion of Halibut you get Old Style mashed potatoes, a roll, Cole slaw and a fresh slice of tomato and cucumber.

You will be served Coffee or Tea and a piece of pie for desert from our selection of homemade pies.

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