Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sappyfest 2011

This summer was my first visit to Sappyfest, certainly not my last. It was an incredible weekend, a great lineup of musicians, attentive audience (there for the music, not just to party) and friendly folk all around.

I didn't take many pictures that weekend, except for this one.

Shot across the street from my car, this nondescript strip of pavement quickly became an impromptu hangout and camping spot for festival goers.

This group of music fans, sitting on the stairs behind an permanently parked tractor trailer...painting and/or drawing in the warm afternoon on Sunday....pretty much sums up my Sappy experience.

I was impressed by the lack of hassle by the cops, especially with so much open alcohol in plain view. Also, Sackville bylaw enforcement appeared to turn a blind eye to the folks who were camping in the narrow strip of grass behind this parking lot. A refreshing change.

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