Monday, 11 April 2011

Middlewood United Church Spring Luncheon and Silent Auction Review

Saturday March 26th
Middlewood, NS

You know winter is coming to an end, when crocuses start peeking up out of the soil...and the community fundraisers are more frequent.

It was a sunny and windy Saturday morning as we struck out across the Lahave ferry towards Middlewood. I had an idea where I was going...or so I thought.

When I reached the 103, I made a wrong turn, turned around and stopped at the Italy Cross and Middlewood Fire Hall to ask for directions. The truck bays smelled of old beer bottles as a jolly crew of volunteers were sorting beverage containers from their bottle drive.

I waited 'till I made eye contact with someone and then asked for help.
The conversation went something like this:

"Where is the Middlewood hall?"

"This is the Middlewood hall."

"Uh, sorry, the Middlewood church hall? There's a luncheon happening there today?"

"Oh, you mean the Middlewood United church hall, yes...the luncheon is happening from 11-1 pm, just a couple miles down the road on your right."

We certainly asked the right people for directions. Moments later, we arrived at the Middlewood United church.

It took a couple attempts before we found the correct entrance, soon enough we were in this cute, small church hall. Like many churches in the area, the hall and worship space are connected to each other. We entered the hall, paid up and started to look over the items at the silent auction.

As luck would have it, we ran in to the parents of one of my co-workers. They were just arriving as well so we sat together and started chatting. There wasn't much time to chat before the delectable platter of sandwiches arrived:

Turkey salad, seafood salad, ham and cheese, devilled ham...this luncheon had all the 'greatest hits' of the church luncheon universe. As we tucked in to our plates of delish, the devilled eggs arrived and were greeted with open arms (and mouths). So far so good, all the food was excellent!

Another server arrived with a plate of buttered raisin bread, I took a piece to be polite, but I never did eat it.... The ladies serving us were on a mission, to get us fed! We greeted yet another platter of sandwiches to our table and all selected our favourites. Eventually, we started to slow down.

Time for dessert:

I LOVE the cursive handwriting on the blackboard. My teachers tried and tried to teach me to write like that, I don't think I ever did get the hang of it. Definitely a dying art in the age of the paperless office...

All the pies were made from scratch, no complaints at our table! The coconut cream pie looked amazing, as did the french apple pie. I selected my fave, pumpkin pie. As an after thought, our server suggested:

"Would you like some ice cream with that?"

"Yes, please." I replied sheepishly.
An excellent addition to my delicious piece of pie.

My tea order got a little mixed up, it tasted like a mix of tea and coffee, a minor blemish on an otherwise splendid outting to Middlewood.

Man, I could go for some tiny sammies right about now....

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aimbo said...

Luke, for reals, you should make a photo-essay of these suppers and then SELL them at the suppers! Luncheon's Greatest Hits!!! I would buy one, even though the thought of seafood salad sandwiches is major Barf Bag potential.