Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Dixie Lee Chicken!!!

I think I squealed a little when I saw this sign in Cap aux Meules, during my recent trip to Les Iles de la Madeleine. I had no idea Dixie Lee was such an east coast phenom, but apparently it is. My place mat showed a plethora of Dixie Lee joints throughout New Brunswick and Quebec.

The food was greasy and pretty forgettable, but it was worth it for nostalgia's sake.

Hehe, this fried chicken sign probably doesn't warrant 3 exclamation points, but Dixie Lee Chicken is a real blast from the past for me.

There used to be a Dixie Lee in Bridgewater, NS...That was back when Superstore was Brady's lumber mart and A&W used to be the Little Red Restaurant. Points go to anyone who knows what business is currently in the old Dixie Lee location...

Won't you take a trip down memory lane with me with this brief video interlude from the Dixie Lee Maritimes site?

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amelia said...

Wow that IS a blast from the past! I've got no idea what business is now in the DL location in Bridgewater, but I can remember where it is. Memories!