Thursday, 15 April 2010

First South Variety Supper- Review

Grace Lutheran Variety Supper
Sunday, April 11, 2010

First South, NS

This supper is on my 'must attend' list, and I look forward to it every year.

Seasoned pro that I am, I anticipated a solid 30 minute wait. So this time, on my way in to Lunenburg to pick up my guest, I stopped at the church and bought my tickets first.

Sand cascaded out of my wallet as I fished out a $20 bill.

"Were you at the beach?", the woman at the door asked me.
"You guessed it!", I said. Little did she know 'how' the sand got in my pocket. Let's just say it involved gusty winds, my kite buggy....and me flipping the buggy and getting dragged for a couple feet. Worth it! ^_^

I cleaned the sand off the bill, paid up for tickets and asked how long the wait would be. She said 20 minutes, but I knew better...

Sure enough, it was closer to 30 minutes before we were granted access to the table of yum. Shortly after being seated, our orders were taken (orders default to 'the works') and a plate full of 'hot' arrived.

Baked beans, scalloped 'taters', hot slaw and a random casserole were on offer. Gotta say, I am a huge fan of hot slaw. Must find out how to make that....

Round two involved finding space on my plate for the numerous salads on the table: broccoli, egg, 3 bean, coleslaw, carrot, macaroni...they had 'em all:

Oh, and meat heaped on in the middle. Lots of meat: roast beef, roast pork, ham and meatloaf:

That wasn't the end of the food, by any stretch of the imagination. Our server kept bringing bowl after bowl of food:

"oh, you don't have any chow down here"....
"here's some pickled beets"..
"did you get some brown bread?"

So full...

My seat 'neighbour' commented:

"This chow is sum sowah"

I didn't find it out of the ordinary, though I do love everything pickled and vinegar'y...

At this point, I had to pace myself to make room for dessert, no shortage of choices! Various Jello salads, pear or strawberry tarts (on angel food cake) with REAL whipped cream and of course, squares and of course....the ubiquitous table cake:

Sadly, I neglected to take a picture of the plate of squares. Sorry, folks!

We were a bit rushed near the end, as the seating master tried to make room for a group of family and friends. It was a blessing in disguise, had I stayed any longer, my next stop would've been at Frenchy's to buy a larger pair of pants!

Lesson learned: if you see a sign that says "variety supper", don't eat lunch that day.

This Saturday is the annual Maplewood Maple Syrup supper, stay tuned for details on that event in tomorrow's post.

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more table cake, please said...

I wonder if you could do a version of Supersize Me and only eat at large, plastic-covered tables in church halls for 365 days a year, sampling all the Table Cake, boiled ham and "sowah chow" from coast to coast. You probably could, but your gall bladder/arteries/self esteem/sex life might go on strike. Also, 5 kinds of meat on a platter is 5 too many kinds of meat.