Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Newcombville Fire Dept. Roast Beef Supper Review

*update* My bad, I mistakenly titled this post as "Pleasantville Fire....", but as you can see from the backs of the chairs, it took place in Newcombville. (o_0)

After a hiatus from community suppers, I finally made it out to one this past Sunday with my friends visiting from the city.

We arrived midway through the supper; lucky for us, there was hardly a wait at all. Just enough time for me to snap a couple shots of the hall, bare light bulbs and all:

It was an orderly affair, with waiting chairs lined up against the wall for the hungry queue. Before too long, we were seated and our food arrived. No orders here, you get what you get!

The food was even more delicious than it looks. Good thing I come to these now and then, otherwise I would never eat turnip. ^_^

The homemade coleslaw on the table tasted fresh and cabbage-y, just like mom makes it. Second only to the tender roast beef on my plate, it was my favourite item on the table.

It was a pleasant affair, the hall was filled with the usual chatter that often accompanies these events. Local municipal dignitaries were spotted, as well as a couple other 'usual suspects' that I see at many of these community suppers. Great minds think alike, I guess?

Eventually, it was time for dessert. There was a wide selection of pies; lucky for us, often by the time I roll in half of the choices are gone from the list. After savouring my predictably yummy pumpkin pie, I wandered back to the pie counter and got this fun shot of the ladies who were dishing out the sweets:

After I showed them the pictures, one of them asked me:

"now, where's this goin'?"

To which I responded:

"you tell me!"

Later, I wondered if she meant where was the picture going to be published/shown...but at the time, I chalked it up to her being a saucy senior, thinking about 'candy photography'. I'll let you decide...

Stay tuned for more brake burn pics from Broad Cove, it was a busy week down by the coast!

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