Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Orange Crush

Thanks to my dad for inspiring me to change this post's title, he's quite the wordsmith, after all..

Congrats to Pam Birdsall and the 3 other NDP candidates who SWEPT the South Shore in last night's provincial election!!!!

I have waited all my life to see the NDP win in Lun. West, let alone win provincially!

I think it's incredible that the voters of the South Shore not only elected 4 NDP candidates, but that 3 of those 4 MLA's are women!

Is this the start of a Nova Scotian renaissance? One can only hope...

For a little back story on the "sink the boat man" poster, check out this Chronicle Herald article.

Again, congrats to all NDP candidates and a big thank you for all the voters who took a leap of faith and elected Atlantic Canada's FIRST NDP government!!!

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