Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Pentz United Valentine's Tea

This wasn't a typical Valentine's day event, but in retrospect, it was way better than splashing down ~$100 for a 'fancy' meal for this Hallmark holiday...

We arrived to find a parking lot packed to capacity, but luckily we quickly found ourselves a parking spot without too much trouble.

The church hall had all sorts of Valentine's cutouts decorating the walls and also some office dividers, very cute:

There was a large contingent of Red Hat Society ladies at one end of the hall, hooting and laughing and having a grand old time. The remainder of the hall was peppered with church regulars and probably a few 'transients' like ourselves. I also noticed a man taking pictures of the attendees. Hey, that's MY gig! Oh well, the word had to get out eventually, right?

Before too long, our plate of sandwiches arrived...the usual fare: egg salad, chicken salad, devilled ham and pickles, cream cheese and cherry, a mystery meat concoction and a cream cheese and pickle roll:

There was also a server walking around with a tray of fresh fruit, an offering hard to resist in the midst of 'Forevuary'!:

We polished off our sandwich plate, and then it was on to the main event...SQUARES!!!

I don't think there was a square I didn't love...mind you, we didn't manage to finish the plate. Not surprising, just look how many squares were on the plate! All manner of chocolate, cocoa, coconut, graham crackers, cherries, duncan hines icing and other sweet ingredients were represented. My midsection is probably still paying the price...

Last, but certainly not least was their excellent selection (and inadvertent display) of tea cups, enjoy!:

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Dave & Heather said...

I love the teacups! And the Valentine's decor is pretty hawt too.