Saturday, 7 February 2009

Blockhouse Fire Dept. Baked Bean, Ham & Scalloped Potato Supper

In my mind, there's no better way to celebrate a glorious winter day, than to fill your belly with some home made baked beans. Earlier in the afternoon I worked up a healthy appetite skiing on the freshly groomed cross country ski trails at Kejimkujik national park. What a treat!

Thankfully, no storm date was necessary

Even though the parking lot was nearly full, there were plenty of seats available in the large hall. It was a brightly lit space, complete with the odd flickering fluorescent tube for good measure.

We were soon greeted by a smiling fire department volunteer, who took our order after asking if we wanted 'the works'. We got our pie before our dinner arrived, an unorthodox approach to serving for these events, but no matter. If anything, it made me want to eat my dinner quickly so I could tuck in to this delicious slice:

We were 'cow eyeing' other slices of lemon meringue as they were brought to nearby diners. Some had 'sky high' meringue on top! I was happy with my slice, complete with the delectable oily drops, waiting to be devoured...

Soon enough, dinner arrived. Standard fare....the beans were delcious! The ham was tender, the pineapple ring and half maraschino cherry were a fun touch, the coleslaw was suprisingly good and the scalloped potatoes did not dissapoint.

Eventually, we had to send a uniformed fire dept. volunteer on a bit of a hunt for some milk for our tea. His hard work paid off, luckily we didn't have to use the coffee creamers on the table, which were the only dairy products in sight.

All in all, a great dinner and a welcome respite from the annual winter 'drought' of community suppers. Keep 'em coming!

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