Monday, 15 September 2008

Lahave Islands Community Hall Variety Supper

Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008

A word to the wise, show up early to this shindig!

I knew something was up from the number of cars on the road. After purchasing my ticket for a ridiculously low $7.50, I realized I had a bit of a wait ahead of me, so I wandered down the road for some 'classic' seaside shots:

I returned to the hall, only to realize what I thought was #98, was actually #86! Still, a little more waiting, time to try some people shots indoors:

Before too long, it was time to take the leaning staircase up to the top floor, which is pretty tiny, as you can see:

Not long after I seated myself, I got my plate of....everything:

I'm not entirely sure which casserole I was eating, but they were all delicious. I'm glad I turned up when I did, a couple dishes were already 'sold out':

I had a 'foster granny' sitting beside me, who made sure I got some of each salad on the table. There were 4 or 5 salads, including an incredible coleslaw with fresh, chunky green cabbage in it, amazing!

Other folks at our table were comparing this supper to the previous weekend's blueberry supper in Parkdale/Maplewood. The overwhelming conclusion was that this supper was the better value, and tastier. While I can't argue the first point, I'd say it was a tie on the flavour comparison.

I found room for carrot cake (apparently I took the last piece, victory was mine!), there was no room in the inn for the delectable looking Washington Pie sitting right in front of me. Vanilla pound cake, jam in the middle, topped with whipped cream. I wonder why they're called Washington Pies?

The delicious cakes

Washington Pie in foreground

After all was said and done, I turned around to take a picture of the next round of supper eaters filing in to the hall:

Next time you see a supper advertised for Lahave Islands, check it out!

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