Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Da Big Ex

Heather Lycan graciously permitted me to reproduce her awesome photos from this year's 'Big Ex', I think she managed to capture the soul of this annual event:

Heather thought the sign said "Bear Attack", maybe attacked with hugs? C'mon, how could you stay angry at these friendly sentinels?

...and then some!

File under flagrant misuse of an apostrophe, time for Annie to head back to grammar school!

Trouble brewing in the beer barn? C'mon, his karaoke wasn't 'that' bad...

Security to the rescue! Problem solved.

Carny bingo...even more depressing than usual?

This might be my favourite photo of her set....AC/DC was blasting, and these guys were feelin' it! Hands on railing, heads a' rockin'....they keep getting older, but the girls stay the same age. Giggity.

After seeing one too many wannabe thugs strolling around the grounds, I thought i should attempt to fit in. Shorts pulled down, boxers hiked up, blank crackhead expression on face, I don't think anyone looked twice...

The Ex is thirsty work, time to cool off with a.....Snow One?

None can resist the crack cocaine of the carnival...roll-a-bowl-a-ball!

No evening at The Ex would be complete without the ferris wheel. A great way to end the evening.

1 comment:

ambo said...

OMG, I think that's Sean Deyotte about to get his bell rung by Junior Rhodenizer in the "Redneck stare-down" picture! That guy still owes me $5.00 for clams from the canteen at school! Motherf....!

Did I ever tell you that once while on the ferris wheel at the TOP of it, Dad told me that if everyone rocked really hard, the wheel would detach from the ground and just roll everyone over and kill them all? Thanks for the fucking bedtime story, asshole!